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 ✿ GIRLS RULE, BOYS DROOL ✿ — the mandatory (and very important) mix dedicated to the strong as hell females in the music industry.

all my life i've tried to fight what history has given me. {listen}

i. fancy // iggy azalea ft. charli xcx. ii. team // lorde. iii. this is what makes us girls // lana del rey. iv. partition // beyoncé. v. no better // lorde. vi. just desserts // marina and the diamonds ft. charli xcx. vii. kinda outta luck // lana del rey. viii. bad girls // m.i.a ix. do it like a dude // jessie j. x. serial killer // lana del rey. xi. pretty hurts // beyoncé. xii. glory and gore // lorde. xiii. dark horse // katy perry ft. juicy j. xiv. murda bizness // iggy azalea ft. t.i xv. sex yeah! // marina and the diamonds. xvi. lolita // lana del rey. xvii. you (ha ha ha) // charli xcx. xviii. royals // lorde. ixx. how to be a heartbreaker // marina and the diamonds. xx. work // iggy azalea. xxi. off to the races // lana del rey. xxii. ***flawless // beyoncé.

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sebastian stan and chris evans at the world premiere of captain america: the winter soldier

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Margot Robbie for ELLE Australia March 2014 issue by Kai Z Feng.

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“…And please remember that you were beautiful before he told you that you were.”

Thank you so much for this, h-allo. (via c-oquetry)

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*stranger mentions fandom in public*


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MAR 13 Scarlett Johansson attends the premiere of ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’

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Literally met him yesterday. Walked around with him for a good hour and there was no funny business. I’d definitely be staying in a hostel/not with him, and he wouldn’t be around in the afters or the show. So I’d see him before and stuff, but not too much during.

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I need tumblr’s spiritual guidance.

Basically a new friend is working security at the MTV movie awards next month, and one of the after parties. He can get me into the show, to walk the red carpet, and to go to the afters. I’d have to fly down from Portland for it and I miss like one class at school….

But worth it?

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