The Price We Pay

Inspiration: The Hunger Games
Setting: 72nd Hunger Games, The Capitol
Rating: M 
Genre: Drama, angst

Characters/ Faceclaims →

  • Finnick Odair (21): Sam Claflin or Alex Pettyfer
  • Audrie Sancha (18): Lyndsy Fonseca

Plot →

She takes a leaf out of Finnick Odair and Johanna Mason’s book and wins the 72nd Hunger Games with a combination of acting skills, a steeled resolve to win, and a talented throwing arm. She uses her beauty as a strategy, her false charm and enthusiasm for the Games a necessary gimmick in order to befriend the strongest players. One by one she turns on them. Victorious and beautiful, having been coached successfully by Finnick in how to capture the hearts of the Capitol, she is told solemnly by President Snow himself that she faces a choice: stay in the Capitol and submit herself to the whims of the highest bidder, or watch as the brother she volunteered for and the parents she fought to make proud disappear without a trace. She chooses to spare their lives, but she loses her own in the process. She belongs to the Capitol now.

Finnick had a choice too; present District Four with a winner, or let another tribute die. He chose to help her to win, and he regrets it every moment of the day, because he knew from the moment she stepped onto the stage after she had volunteered that she would make the Capitol swoon. If she won, he knew what she’d be forced to become. He used her looks to get her ahead, and she played along willingly. It doesn’t soothe his guilty conscience, but if the Capitol has taught him anything, it’s how to bury unsavoury things with a smile. He has lived in the Capitol now for seven years; a whore for five of them. He returns home once a year to escort another few lambs to the slaughter. She is the first tribute from his District to survive since Annie. Annie, who is still perfect and beautiful and absolutely out of reach. 

He doesn’t have to make the choice to help her adjust to life in the Capitol. The way he sees it, it’s kind of an apology, even though he knows that it will never be enough. In any case, it’s better being alone, and lord knows they’ll both need someone to lean on. 


  • I would prefer to play Audrie, but will absolutely play Finnick.
  • I ship Finnick with Annie wholeheartedly, but the dark version of Finnick allows the possibility of a twisted sort of romance developing between these too. 
  • Relatively dark themes and a copious amount of angst. Some level of smut required, though need not be explicit.
  • Female’s FC negotiable.

Status → Closed

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