Characters - Marianne Gold, the Telepath

Looking at her fingers flying across the keyboard, doors unlocking for her with each determined click, one might have been excused for thinking she was some kind of technopath. In reality, her hacking abilities were self taught. Locked away, somewhere behind doors she still couldn’t open an guarded by people she couldn’t hope to fight alone, was her Other; the second half of a telepathic bond that knew not the constraints of distance. She once told me that people who developed a psychic link like their’s achieved a kind of intimacy that didn’t exist in normal human relationships. I don’t know if that’s true, but every time she gets a faraway look I can help but wonder what the two of them are saying. I could tell Marianne could feel her pain even though she knew the other girl tried to the point of exhaustion to mask its presence, an attempt at hiding how much danger she was in. They both knew that time was running out. We all did. I promised her we’d free her Other. I owe her that much.

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